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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Newport Escape

Pell Bridge and Newport Harbor Light

Trinity Church
A few years ago ago Susan and I took an early autumn trip to Newport RhodeIsland.  We stopped on our way to visit our son in New York City and it was a great chance to enjoy a couple of quiet days by the shore before descending into the noise and congestion of the city.

Of course I love any opportunity to photograph along the seacoast and on this visit, I managed to capture the surf at sunrise on Ocean Drive, and also the full moon rising over the Point Judith Lighthouse.  We toured the Breakers, Cornelius Vanderbilt’s little 70 room seaside “cottage” and window-shopped along Newport’s overpriced downtown.  The visit was lovely, but too short.  We pledged to return for further explorations, but didn’t realize that this visit would directly lead to another opportunity visit Newport.

The Adirondack II

Gurney's Resort

About one year ago, I was contacted by a representative of Gurney’s Resort and Marina, located on Goat Island off Newport’s waterfront.  They wanted to use one of my sunrise ocean-view pictures on one of their promotional emails. 

The "Money" Picture
They found the image in my article about our visit.  Who knew that people actually read my blog?  We discussed a reasonable licensing fee, but then they generously suggested that I might accept a couple of nights at the resort.  A good deal for both of us and, as a result, we are just back from a couple of relaxing days at this beautiful resort.  My plan was to capture more of Newport and perhaps wangle more time at Gurney’s.  

Sunset on the Pell Bridge from Gurney's

Newport Harbor Lighthouse at Gurney's
The hotel is on Goat Island which is connected by bridge to the center of Newport’s downtown.  A perfect location that features expansive views of Narraganset Bay.  The grounds include the Newport Harbor Lighthouse, which was built in 1842, and since 2005 has displayed a fixed green light visible from eleven miles out to sea.  The Rose Lighthouse sits on a small island in the middle of the bay.  At night the lights on the Pell Bridge create a dramatic foreground to the setting sun.

Rose Island Light

Castle Hill Lighthouse in the Stars
Castle Hill Light 
Whenever I reach the coast, I always think of trying to capturing lighthouses and also the Milky Way.  Looking south, out to sea, I can hope to benefit from low light pollution.  After sunset, I took an early evening nap and then headed out at one AM to catch the sky behind the Castle Hill Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is an active beacon on Narragansett Bay, marking one of the approaches to Newport.   I found the Lighthouse at the end of a short, but very dark path, beginning at the Castle Hill Cove Marina.  The sky was clear and dark.  I wanted to include the lighthouse in the foreground but this was complicated by the bright red beacon which came around every 10 seconds.  With my usual 30 second exposure, this meant two or three red blasts per shot.   I finally dealt with the flare by capturing an image away from the light's full intensity and then blending this clearer starry sky with a light painted view of the lighthouse.  I could have done a better job blocking the beacon and cutting the flare from some of the images.  
Milky Way Clear Shot
 I also shot the sky with the lighthouse at my back, getting an un-obscured view of the stars, with the red bathed rocks in the foreground.  I did what I could, but by 2:30, Susan was calling, wondering if I had fallen off the rocks.  It was time to stumble back to the hotel.  

The next day I took Susan to see the lighthouse.  I hoped for some warm sunset light, but overcast had set in before the evening thunderstorms.  This is a spot well worth a return visit with better light.

Castle Hill Light
Castle Hill Inn

Fred Perry at the Tennis Hall of Fame
International Tennis
Hall of Fame

On our one full day in Newport, we visited the International Tennis Hall of Fame.  Beautiful grounds with more grass courts than I have ever seen.  We also visited their indoor “Real Tennis” court.  This is one of about 43 surviving courts on which this ancient progenitor of traditional lawn tennis was played. 

Real Tennis

During our search for breakfast, before heading home on Tuesday, we stumbled on the  Newport Charter Yacht Show.  The show attracted luxury sailing and motor vessels which were as amazing as they were obscenely opulent. One 200 foot vessel could be rented for the meager price of 400K per week, but split twelve way it would be a bargain.  On this vessel, we watched as a crew member used a lint brush to meticulously remove every fleck from the welcome mat.  Needless to say, we were not invited on board.

Give the range from the simple natural beauty of the seacoast and the ridiculous extravagance of the mansions and yachts, Newport is a great place to visit.  I thank the folks at Gurney’s for their hospitality and I hope to return.  

Check out my Newport Gallery which includes images from both of our visits.

Jeffrey Newcomer


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