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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Madame Sherri’s Album

If you live in Chesterfield, New Hampshire you have most likely heard of Madame Sherri and her mysterious "Castle" in the woods along the Gulf Road. Madame Antoinette Sherri was an extravagant Broadway costume designer during the era of magnificently staged reviews such as the Ziegfeld Follies. The Madame had a varied and mysterious life which I outline in my article this week for the New England Photography Guild Blog (To be Published 3/24/14). Today, she is mostly remembered for the summer retreat that she built in 1931 to entertain her friends from the city. All that remains of her "Castle" is the foundation and a marvelous native stone spiral staircase, which now rises sadly to the sky.



Recently Madame Sherri’s colorful life history has been exhaustively explored by fellow Chesterfield Conservation Commission Member Lynne Borofsky.  I partnership with the Chesterfield Historical Society, Lynne has been able to answer many of the questions surrounding the Madame’s history, especially as related to her time in Chesterfield, but many mysteries remain.  Lynne has  also been fortunate to gain access to many photographs from Madame Sherri’s original photograph albums and it has been my privilege to work on the restoration of these images.  They provide a wonderfully personal window on the Madame’s life.  I have included some of the pictures in this week’s NEPG Blog, but since space was limited I decide to arrange more in this separate album.  

Young Madame

Andre & Madame

Madame & Andre Puerto Rico Wedding

Madame and Pigeons 
Chain Smoker

Charles Lamaire

Primrose Path

Furlone Farm, Madame's Home
Main Stairway

Rare Castle Interior Image

After the fire

The Ruins


Mystery of Madame Sherri NEPG Article
  (to be published 3/24/14)


  1. So enjoyed this trip into days gone by! A fascinating lady that made her own way during this time.

  2. Can't wait to go back

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  4. Enjoyed the photos and the story. Leslie from Albany, Indiana

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Madame and the stories surrounding her fabulous Castle and her exciting life! Thank you for publishing these.

  6. These scenery are looks very attractive .. A lot of thanks .

  7. Have enjoyed this all so much! I am planning to make a day trip to visit our neighbor state and explore these ruins and surrounding forest. It is all so beautiful and certainly magical with a touch of sadness. Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. I first found this on line under incredible abandoned places in every US state. I was fascinated by it, so I looked it up on here. How eerie and fun it was to see and read. Being from New England this was quite fascinating. Maybe if I get back someday I will go check this out. Thank you!

  9. What A Fascinating Story...Thanks For Sharing...Great Photos Too.

  10. I enjoyed the history and images. I am a neighbor to NH, I will have to visit. Thank you.

  11. I found out about this place from a friend, so I decided to look it up and read about it. Madame sherri was a fascinating woman. So I'm headed to the forest today to hike it. From the pictures its beautiful. I will update after my hike. Thank you for the I formation. Very helpful.

  12. A very beautiful peace of history.

  13. Fascinating...going to locate it today!

  14. I have found the pictures and story fascinating. Thank you so much for making that available. Hopefully in the future I may be able to go there.

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  16. Just wonderful! I found this story as I was researching New Hampshire. I'm thinking of moving there closer to my retirement, after my kids grow up.

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