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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lake Morey Retreat, Each to their Own

Misty Sunrise Lake Morey Vermont

Summer is now in full swing.  This year, we have been blessed with several opportunities to enjoy the season, and for very little money.

Last weekend we enjoyed a couple of days at the Gurney’s Resort in Newport Rhode Island, and this week, we insisted the Lake Morey Resort in northern Vermont.  Susan had won a raffle at last year’s Prouty Golf Tourney and we were treated to two nights on Lake Morey with meals, all the golf Susan could get and all the photography I could enjoy throughout the beautiful countryside.

Lake Morey Shore

Glen Falls 
Glen Falls, Lake Morey
We arrived on Sunday and while Susan hit the links, I found a Lake Morey trail map which showed a path to “Glen Falls”.  Of course. Chose the wrong trail and ended up high at the edge of the gorge.  To get to the falls, I had to slide on my but down a ridiculously steep and damp trail.  Later, I discovered that another trail easily reached the falls from a point on the lake road.  Despite my death-defying slide, the falls were worth the plunge.  I would love to return earlier in the spring, when the flow would be more dramatic.

Fields of Lupine in Sugar Hill
On Monday I headed north to see how the Lupines were standing up in Sugar Hill New Hampshire. I knew that the Lupines would be a couple of weeks past peak, but I was hoping to find some persistent color.  Sugar Hill’s Fields of LupinesFestival is typically most colorful during the first week in June, but I found a few patches of blue flowers, especially in the field below the St Mathew’s Church.  In the evening we had the chance to take a pontoon boat tour around the Lake.  Our guide, Betsy, was charming, and of course, it turned out that Susan knows her aunt.  

St. Mathew's Church, Sugar Hill, NH

Misty Sunrise
Tuesday morning, I got up early to capture the mist peacefully floating on the lake.  It was a magical time, especially as the rising sun painted the clouds.  HOURS later, Susan got up to grab one more round of golf and I explored north through the idyllic farm land to Bradford Vermont.  

Morning Pier, Lake Morey
Bradford Grazing

Bradford Mill
Bradford Mill on Waits River
Bradford is notable for a dramatic old mill falls formed as the Waits River Cascades toward the Connecticut River.  Even through the sun was bright, I was able to soften the falls with a combination of a polarizer and a 3 stop ND filter.

Bradford Farm

Betsy at the Helm
We had a wonderfully relaxing stay at the Lake Morey Resort.  Susan and I each had the opportunity to do what we enjoy most and the folks at the Resort could not have been more accommodating.  This weekend we are looking forward to escaping the heat to Martha’s Vineyard, where we will be staying with friends. It should be a blast, and I may actually bring along my camera.

Lake Morey Resort

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That will be the end of our “free” summer escapes.  Next comes my passive “supervision” of the construction of my new barn studio and getting ready for Abigail and Grayson’s big marriage celebration at the end of August.  Retirement is great!

Jeffrey Newcomer


  1. what a beauty! I immediately wanted to leave everything and go on a journey. Especially impressed by the photo of the lake, as if from a movie. Tell us how to get here better. Is there a train?

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