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Monday, May 7, 2018

Abigail is Getting Married

High School Grad

Abigail is getting married this weekend, and I hope that I can be excused from my usual celebration of cold and impersonal trees and mountains to indulge myself with a few images that reflect my beautiful daughter’s spirit, love, wit, brilliance and dedication to the service of others.  

There are no tears here.  Abby is marrying a wonderful man. Grayson is a good match for her strong personality, and after seven years it is about time!

Determination, Abby and Susan

Gap Mountain, Nelly, Ab and Dad

  The only crying comes from the fact that Abby has made it clear that I am NOT allowed to take any pictures of the ceremony.  I guess I understand.  She has a wedding photographer and she wants me to be free to be part of the ceremony, without a camera around my neck.  Abby has even taken my camera to be used for the video.  Ok, she is definitely the boss, but of course I will have my little Canon G11 neatly hidden in my pocket.

Ab and Bart
I have reviewed lots of old pictures, and have picked out about one hundred, ranging from her birth and first vocalizations (immediately after), all the way to her time with Grayson.  I will largely let the pictures do the talking.  In addition to the few images here, I have placed a larger collection in a Gallery on my website.  I hope Abby will not be too embarrassed, but I have seen an endless procession of  pictures of young children from my friends, and I feel that I can be allowed my chance to show some old 
pictures -  at least while we patiently wait for Grandchildren!

Jeremy and Abigail

My few words cannot remotely approach a resume of all of Abigail’s activities and accomplishments.  Simply speaking, I am endlessly amazed by my daughter’s intelligence and poise, and her ability to disarmingly connect with all sorts people, and I am so proud.

Early years
From birth, Abby had an often exhausting store of energy.  She loved to talk but also to quietly ease-drop on the adult conversation.  Throughout her local schooling she had a remarkably talented group of friends who spent much of their time in friendly, loving  competition.

Reading with Grampy

Away to School

Abby in Washington - Not her real Office

Abby went to Bates College in Maine and then completed a Masters in Public Policy at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy.  Since then, first in Washington DC and recently in Cambridge Massachusetts, she has worked on projects designed to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged.  Of course, we are happy that she was able to move her job closer to home in Cambridge.

Chesterfield Friends

The Wedding
Beautiful Abby at Fresh Pond

Of course the wedding was beautiful.  It was an intimate affair with only about twenty close family and friends.  We gathered in a park on Fresh Pond in Cambridge and, happily, rain held off.  Grayson's sister-in-law Kerry did an amazing job with the ceremony and surprised us all by hiring an acapella group to float in at the end of the service singing All You Need is Love. It was the perfect "Love Actually" moment.  After the ceremony, we all retired to a local beer pub to continue the informal celebration.  

It was a great weekend.  Abby wouldn't let me take many pictures and I had to sneak some with my pocket Canon G11, but the end result is that I have a married daughter and a wonderful son-in-law.  And I'm sure the "Professional" pictures will be great.  Yeah! 

Abigail Has Her Grayson

But She Will Always be Home With Us

Jeffrey Newcomer


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