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Monday, April 4, 2016

Favorite Meeting Houses of the Monadnock Region

 There is little more emblematic of the New England traditions of self-reliance and community as the historic town meeting houses.  This week, in my New England Photography Guild blog I am celebrating a few of my favorite meeting houses from around the Monadnock Region.  In this article I will be showing some of the images that wouldn't fit in the NEPG post.  It should be obvious why the photographic attractions of these classic structures pull me back again and again.  Regardless of the season or light there is always something new to see and, their unique history, adds to the attraction of these venerable monuments.

Check out my Guild article for more general information about New England colonial meeting houses and about my favorite local examples.

Jaffrey Meeting House
The Jaffrey Meeting House was raised on June 17, 1775, the day of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Winter Light

Gold Ascending, Jaffrey Meeting House
Evening Spire, Jaffrey NH


Jaffrey Meeting House: Paul Wainwright
Meeting House Windows, Jaffrey NH


Jaffrey Center Light
Jaffrey Center Moon

Hancock Meeting House
 The Hancock Meeting House was built in 1820 and boasts a Revere Bell which stils rings from its spire.

Distant House,  Hancock NH
Trans-Spire, Hancock, NH

Meeting House Time, Hancock NH
Winter Frame, Hancock, NH

Hancock Spire
Hancock Flag

Park Hill Meeting House
The 1764 Park Hill Meeting House was remodeled in the Greek Revival style in 1824 and is considered one of the most classically beautiful meeting houses in the state

Park Hill, NH

Park Hill Autumn
Park Hill Lore

Reflected Spire, Park Hill, NH

 Rindge Meeting House
The Rindge Meeting House was built in 1797 and remains an integral part of the town center.

Winter Green, Rindge, NH
Meeting House Cemetery, Rindge NH

Washington Meeting House
The Washington Meeting house is now called the town hall and is part a town center which, at 1787 feet, is the loftiest in the state.

Washington Autumn

Door of Honor, Washington, NH

Washington Center Color

Washington Center Sky

Lempster Meeting House
The Lempster Meeting House was constructed in 1794.  As was true for many meeting houses the spire was a later addition, added in 1822.

Lempster Meeeting House

These are a few of the best meeting houses around the Monadnock region.  Others are scattered throughout New England, but many have been lost to decay or disaster.  Get out and enjoy the history where you live.

There are great resource to learn about New England's Meeting Houses.  One of the best resources is Paul Wainwright's project studying and photographing New England's Meeting House. His web site and beautifully illustrated book are great source of information about these majestic and uniquely New England structures. I thank Paul for permission to show one of his wonderful images in this article.
 Paul Wainwright Photography

My NEPG Blog : New England Meeting Houses (Published 4/4/16)

Meeting Houses and Historic Churches of the Monadnock Region

Jeffrey Newcomer


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