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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Newfane Vermont Album

Quintessential New England

The Green in Autumn
What is the "authentic Vermont experience"?  Its hard to define, but we know it when we see it.  The Four Columns Inn in Newfane Vermont describes itself and its environs as "the closest, authentic Vermont experience to New York or Boston" and although that claim might be debated, there is no question that Newfane is iconicly New England and a great place for photographers to capture that "Vermont experience".
Newfane Inn in Better Times
This week I'm doing a article for the New England Photography Guild Blog, another in my "Favorite Places" series, this time on Newfane Vermont. The article will be published on the NEPG site tomorrow.  Newfane has all the classic attributes of a quintessential New England village. As I mentioned in my NEPG blog, I just love to find any excuse to use the word "quintessential", but, in the case
 of Newfane, the term is just as apt as it is pretentious. The town has a beautifully arranged village center with all the correct, gleaming white, buildings dutifully encircling the green with the imposing Windham County Courthouse in the center. Meanwhile, The surrounding country-side is filled with rural New England charm. Its many back roads wind through lovely forest and farm land, opening occasionally on grand vistas and cool ponds. 

Baker Brook

Check out my NEPG article for much more about the natural and historic attractions of Newfane. As in the past I have reserved this week's "Getting it Right in the Digital Camera Blog" for an album of some of the images that wouldn't fit in the NEPG article. 
I'll let the pictures tell more of the story.


Newfane Village Center
Newfane is the Windham County Seat, or "shire" and, in addition to the Courthouse Features the 1832 Union Hall, the First Congregational Church, the Four Columns Inn and restaurant, and the Old Newfane Inn. Sadly, the Newfane Inn is closed, but the Four Columns is undergoing the finishing touches of a major renovation and will be opening in July. Across Route 30 is the general store and the Windham County Historical Society and just south a quick snack can be had at the Newfane Cafe.

Congregational Church Spire
Four Columns Inn Gardens

Courthouse from the Inn Porch

Newfane Autumn
Courthouse and Memorial

Heavenly Portal, Congregational Church

Newfane Cemetery
Sad Harvest

In the Country-side
Away from the busy center, Newfane's back roads seem made for wandering, inviting the photographer to get joyously lost for hours
Old Village Marker
of rural New England discovery. I would especially recommend a trip along the Newfane Hill Road which features dramatic views to the south and is the site of the original Newfane Village, now remembered with granite markers. Newfane's other two villages, South Newfane and Williamsville, are much lower key than the "shire", but each has its own character. In Williamsville. the Covered Bridge is worth a stop. Just west of the bridge, a grassy path leads down to Rock Brook, with some nice view up to the span.

From Newfane Hill

Newfane Hill Cemetery
Rock Book Williamsville Bridge


West River

 Newfane is located on Route 30 just a few miles Northwest of Brattleboro Vermont. It is well worth a visit as you explore the other wonders of Southwest Vermont and the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Kenny Pond

Visit my New England Photography Guild Article for more details on the "authentic" history and natural attractions of beautiful Newfane.

Anticipation: Nellie at the, now closed, Country Store

Jeffrey Newcomer