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Jeff Newcomer had been a physician practicing in New Hampshire and Vermont for over 30 years. Over that time, as a member of the Conservation Commission in his home of Chesterfield New Hampshire, he has used his photography to promote the protection and appreciation of the town's wild lands. In recent years he has been transitioning his focus from medicine to photography, writing and teaching. Jeff enjoys photographing throughout New England, but has concentrated on the Monadnock Region and southern Vermont and has had a long term artistic relationship with Mount Monadnock. He is a featured artist in a number of local galleries and his work is often seen in regional print, web publications and in business installations throughout the country. For years Jeff has published a calendar celebrating the beauty of The New England country-side in all seasons. All of the proceeds from his New England Reflections Calendar have gone to support the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at the Cheshire Medical Center. Jeff has a strong commitment to sharing his excitement about the special beauty of our region and publishes a blog about photography in New England.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Winter Retrospective - Pictures without Reason

Snowed-In, Spofford New Hampshire

We’ve had a few warm days, and spring is definitely in the air.  I know that significant April snow storms can happen, but the Crocuses are bravely poking their heads above the soil around our house and I should be excused for having a little hope.

Meeting House on the Hill
Westmoreland NH

It has been an interesting winter, much cold and frequent flakes, but in our corner of New England, no paralyzing dumps of snow.  There has been some lovely opportunities for photography, but I haven’t had the chance to share all the winter beauty.  Much of my published images center around my blog articles. 

Stormy Deep, Chesterfield, NH

Spofford NH

 This year, I have written articles on The First Snow, Holiday Lights, A Morning Drive in the Snow and using Lightroom to accentuate the appearance of snow, but many blogs are unrelated to the season.  I have published three articles celebrating activities over 2017 and a separate blog on our time in Bologna and Lake Como.  I have focused several articles on birds, including, Bald Eagles, a Snowy Owl and the flock gathering around my bird feeder.  I have discussed the use of Neutral Density Filters, what ‘s new in Lightroom CC Classic and, of course, a couple of articles shamelessly advertising my up-coming classes and workshops.  So, why so little about the beautiful white?

My Snowy Cupola, Spofford NH

Lambs at Mayfair Farm, Harrisville, NH

The answer may have to do with the fact that, every week, I need to come up with something new to cover in my blog.  After nine years of blogging, I may have covered most of what there is to be said about photographing snow.  Winter will always be a uniquely beautiful season, and I am sure I will always be excited about capturing its magic, but when I feel the pressure to come up with something new, I should be excused for turning away from the flakes.  

Village Grass, Harrisville NH

Factory Falls, Harrisville NH

Farm Porch, Westmoreland, NH

Now, FINALLY, The Point of All This.

Blanket, Spofford NH

I may not the be writing about the snow, but I have been out there almost every day shooting the season’s glory.  The result is that I have a bunch of winter images that I’ve not had the opportunity to share.  Many of my published pictures illustrate a technical point about photography or about a special location.  With spring approaching my goal, in this article, is to show some of my winter images that I haven’t previously found a reason to show.   

West River Sunset, Brattleboro Vermont

These are a few of my winter images without reason.  Enjoy.   

On the Edge, Westmoreland NH

Great Brook Winter, Walpole NH

Mottled Sunset, Walpole NH

Red on White, Westmoreland NH

Maple Flame, Spofford NH

First Flakes, Spofford NH

Farm in White, Keene New Hampshire

Jeffrey Newcomer

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